Will The Way Music is Being Exploited on Digital Platforms Change?

There is no secret that there isn’t the same amount of money in recorded music as it used to be. Streaming is no longer a “new” thing. Spotify had over 50 million subscribers as of March 2017, and over 100 million active users as of June 2016. Artists such as Taylor Swifth have taken their music off Spotify because they feel as if they should recieve more given the amout of streams they have had.

The House Of Lords, has had a debate about there being a need for more transparency for artists and songwriters, in regards to how their recordings and songs are being exploited within the digital domain. They want to focus on on the ongoing European copyright review, in order to improve and strenghten the transparency within the copyright industries.

“the principle of transparency is an important element of well-functioning markets” -A representative of the government

It is no secret that managers often claim that they and their artist have been left in the dark when it comes to the deals that are being done between the record lable’s, publishers, collecting services and the different streaming services such as Spotify. One of the new proposals is that;

“authors, artists and performers shall receive on a regular basis timely, adequate and sufficient information on the exploitation of their works and performances from those to whom they have licensed or transferred their rights as well as subsequent transferees or licensees, [including] information on modes of exploitation, revenues generated and remuneration due”.

I think it is great that they are choosing to acknowlede the direction consumtion of music is headed, and are putting forward laws in order to help managers, artists and songwriters to access information about the expoltation of their music on digital platforms. I am glad that they are sheding a light on the fact that there are non-disclosure agreements that happen between the digital service providers and the record labels, distributors, publishers and collective management organisations, where artists and songwriters are not allowed to know the details which are used to calculate their renevues.

It doesn’t make sense to me that they would make deals on bealf of the artists and songwriters livelighood and that the artists and songwriters are not allowed to know what the deal is… Haloo? I get that they are representing them, but they should still have the right to know what type of deals that are being made on their behalf. You can have a non-disclosure agreement just make sure that the artist and songwriter is a part of the group of people that are not to disclose the details.

With Spotify signing new deals with the major labels and independent ones, time will only tell how this new model will work, and if there will come a new copyright law helping and supporting the artists and the songwriters to get an insight to how their payments are being calculated. Hopefully this will lead to an new era where artists and songwriters are happier with the way their songs and music are being exploited online.









Feature Image © wam.org


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